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Pet Stories: Tributes to the Power of Acupuncture

Dogs Don't Lie


When Lora Katz joined the Air Force and moved out on her own, she knew she wanted a dog with whom to enjoy an active life. Flo - a zesty black standard poodle puppy - fit the bill. Eleven years later, Katz noticed Flo hesitating to jump in the car. "At first, I think she's just being stubborn," remembers Katz. But after reading up on holistic pet care and meeting Greta McVey at the Greenbelt (Maryland) Pet Expo, Katz decided to see if Greta and acupuncture could help Flo through her aging process. Read Flo's full story.

Tonkinese Tales

Toby and Ziva

Purebred pets have distinctive looks and charms but they are often more prone to certain health problems, as Gail Williams discovered after she'd already fallen for the Tonkinese breed of cat. "But I love them dearly," she says of her two young Tonks, Toby and Ziva, who are susceptible to allergies and gingivitis. "And so I've been taking them both to see Greta for acupuncture since right after I got them." For these cats, acupuncture helps both to treat and prevent the predictable problems of their lovely breed. Read Toby and Ziva's full story.

The Cat With Half a Brain & the Dog Who Loved Halloween

Maggie Hannah

As a biological scientist, Lisa Pfeifer long considered acupuncture to be "kind of hippy dippy mumbo jumbo." But twelve years after taking first herself, and then her pets, to see Greta McVey for acupuncture, Lisa now says she would "recommend it to almost anybody, for almost any kind of issue." For Lisa's dog Hannah, the issues were arthritis and, eventually, kidney failure. For Maggie the cat, the issue was more peculiar: her brain had started to shrink. Read Hannah and Maggie's full story.